Year of establishment and registration : Haqqani Mission Bangladesh registered as a non-political, voluntary, religious and social welfare organization in 1990 with the Directorate of Social Service of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and NGO Affairs Bureau in 1998.
Head office :

Mirpur, Section-6, Block-C, Road No.-13/5, Dhaka-1216. Bangladesh

Phone : 8033130, 9002663, 9025010

Website : www.hamiba.org.bd

Branch office : 1. Narshingdhi Branch C/O: Haqqani Khanka Sharif, Anarpur (Dagaria), Narshingdi.

2. Sylhet Branch C/O: Haqqani Khanka Sharif, Hobiganj, Sylhet.

3. Khulna Branch C/O: Haqqani Khanka Sharif, Choto Boira, Sonadanga, Khulna.

4. Tangail Branch C/O: Haqqani Khanka Sharif, Tangail (under process)

5. Gazipur Branch C/O: Haqqani Khanka Sharif, Gazipur (under process)

6. London Branch C/O: Haqqani Khanka Sharif, London, UK (under process)

7. New York Branch C/O: Haqqani Khanka Sharif, New York, USA (under process)

Ideal : Peace
Target : Social Reform
Motto : Religion for humanity
Symbol : Work-Humanity-Peace
Areas : Gradual extension in each and every corner of Bangladesh and other countries of the world.
Highlights of activities : HAMIBA envisages selected activities in order to establish Peace worldwide through sustainable productive activities which are mentioned below :
  1. Disseminate and practice Religious Values to establish Truth and Peace i.e. Sufism.
  2. Conduct research, organize training and publication.
  3. Establish Vidyapith (School), Mohavidyalaya (College) and Technical Education Institute and Mobile Health Care area wise.
  4. Organize women, children and youths area wise and engage them in formative process to accelerate changes among them through fostering Haqqani Sufism, Religious Values and Social Development. Encourage them for their involvement in cultural activities.
  5. Stretching of women education to higher and formal technical education in order to promote women uprising and empowerment. Particularly training and rehabilitation for street women and street girls.
  6. Procure fund and dispensation of stipend among poor meritorious students to facilitate them for attaining higher education.
  7. Globalize the folk-culture of Bangladesh.
  8. Old people are the asset of the country. So, measures are to be taken for ensuring their welfare.
  9. Create self-employment opportunity through self-development and provide jobs to unemployed poor youths in order to alleviate poverty and dependency on others.
In short, HAMIBA is carrying sustainable productive activities linked to Education, Service, Research, Publication and Human Resource Development.