Quran Research Institute & Discussion Centre

HAMIBA has started the research work as a means of social reformation in order to emancipate man and society from the clutch of traditional thoughts and fundamentalism. With this objective HAMIBA is carrying out research work on two specific fields :

A. Religion :

HAMIBA has established ‘Quran Research Institute and Discussion Centre’ on 30th November 1993 with the blessings of Sufi Shadhak Anwarul Huq to help in removing superstition, blind faith, mockery in the name of religion and fundamentalism from society. This centre organizes seminar and discussion on practical application of religious values towards achievement of total human development, welfare and liberation. It also preaches the eternal message of all Holy Scripts that the objective of all Religions is for fostering Humanity and ensuring Peace for all time.

Till 2017, 57 Seminar and 372 Workshops have organized on various subjects in the field of Religion.

B. Society :

HAMIBA conducts research on various social problems and shows the ways and means to overcome these problems in order to maintain a well arranged civil society.