HAMIBA commits to guide people as follows ; to face reality and to establish truth in life. In doing so the Mission gives top priority on publication media .

A. Publication of Newspaper :

HAMIBA has been publishing the weekly named ‘Bartaman Sanglap’ since 30th November 1993 and online: since 2016. Its focus is to highlight creative spiritual learning that can be applied in daily life. The target is to change of weekly form to daily as ‘Dainik Bartaman Sanglap’.

B. Booklets :

The most noted publication of the HAMIBA is WOJAIF (Sattya Pathe Chalar Jopmala) freely distributed, which envisages ushering spiritual excellence of men of all religions in order to ensure peace and welfare of individual life.

Future Plan

Management plans to broaden and reshape the above stated activities of the Mission with the changing situations of the society in Bangladesh as well as the whole world at large.

Last but not least

Eventually, it is nothing to deny that to uphold the truth in life it needs sacrifice, patience, manner and proper education. A man can secure these qualities through hard perseverance within his day-to-day works.

Self-analysis is conducive for self-work. Self-work brings self satisfaction and self-satisfaction originates the sense of humanity. Thus humanity brings peace which is eternal. From the very inception of creation devotees have been sacrificing their lives for fostering human welfare by exposing ways towards reaching that truth and humanity. In the same process Haqqani Mission Bangladesh has been working for achievement of the said target by analyzing the need of time and this process will never cease, rather go ahead.