HAMIBA believes that all religions serve humanity. The integral and inseparable part of humanity is to create the sense of humanity and to render service towards the destitute and poor. Accordingly, the Mission has been conducting the following projects :

A. Savings and Credit Project :

Savings group of 50 HAMIBA members each is formed on the basis of cooperative principles for creating interpersonal good relation and strengthens group solidarity. HAMIBA also started savings and credit project with the capital accumulated through assured and regular deposit of savings by the members and the project invests the capital in profitable ventures and provides loan to the members to meet their emergency need.

B. Welfare Fund :

To serve the destitute – helpless – aggrieved, HAMIBA materializes the following activities directly :

Arrange for funeral and burial of unclaimed dead bodies and those of the destitute;

Financial support to poor parents of marriageable girls;

Provide means to support education of poor orphans;

Distribution of relief materials among the poor and affected people of natural calamities.

So far HAMIBA with its limited resources and fund has supported 779 persons for education, 321 persons for engraving, 151 parents for marriage of their daughters and distributed limited relief materials among the affected people of two natural disasters till 2017. HAMIBA has formed a memorial fund ‘Sufi Shadhak Anwarul Huq Sharak Kallayan Tahbil’ to materialize these activities in a more organized way. Anybody irrespective of caste, color and creed may participate in this program and be a member of this service for humanity.

C. Hamiba Cultural Academy:

HAMIBA has established Hamiba Cultural Academy for transparent diversion and to protect foreign cultural invasion through studying homeland culture. Till 2017, 130 members of HAMIBA has been trained. HAMIBA is determined to open its branch in each district depending on socio-economic condition of Bangladesh. The main target is to focus and globalize the grass-root culture of Bangladesh.

D. Welfare Activities for the Old :

This is a new dimension of HAMIBA welfare activities of helping the old, who have been detached from family, neglected, helpless and dependent on others. The neglected old (both male and female) aged above 60 years being assembled in different centres of different districts established by the Mission are motivated and provided with services of recreation, religious education, treatment and free lodging and food in order to maintain a self-sustaining life with physical, mental stability and peace.

E. Rehabilitation of Street Girls and Women :

As part of women development and empowerment process the street girls and women who have been deprived of social status and normal social life are considered for endorsement in Mission Strategic Plan. They are given safe shelter of housing where they are made skilled through vocational and literacy training programs with an objective of rehabilitating them in society. Till 2017, 117 women has been rehabilitated.

F. Distribution of Relief Materials :

During different disasters as well as post disaster period Mission collects and distributes limited relief materials among the affected people and manifested itself as a contributory supporter with government during the time of emergency.

G. Counseling and Guidance :

HAMIBA extends the service of counseling and guidance to those who are in troubles in social life through HAMIBA’s spiritual centres like Haqqani Khanka Sharif, Hermitage, Darbar and Monastery irrespective of caste, color and creed for redressing their troubles in the light of religious feelings and values.

H. Mobile Health Care :

HAMIBA is continuing to bring the medical services to the door step of destitute, helpless and disadvantaged in the remote villages through Free Friday Clinic, blood donation, distribution of medicine and diet and training on health-care are the ingredients of this service which was formulated on the basis of field research and survey in order to attain the goal.